REFLEC BEAT groovin '!! Upper ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK VOL.2 [Regular Edition]

※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.
Japanese title: REFLEC BEAT groovin’!! Upper ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK VOL.2 [通常盤]
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Item number: 120082832
Released date: 01 Jul 2015
Media : CD

Product description ※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.

[List of songs]
[1] (1) envidia (cat fork theater company) (2) Genesis At Oasis (white dragon) (3) evening Eri-Aki-(Des-ROW ) (4) Time again (Cat Fork Master) (5) Material Factor (Elements Garden feat. Μ) (6) anqad (onoken feat. B) (7) Super Duper Racers (kors k & Numb'n ' (8) I LOVE COSMOS (CHERRY BLOSSOMS (ASAKI & wac)) (9) Hachi ~ Kung Fu Tekken full course !! (Moe! G 娘 o daughter ☆ Prim) (10) OverDriveTrain (cosMo [] runaway P) (11) ) Artifacter (CAPACITY GATE) (12) DEAD LOCK-Out Of Reach-(U1 undefined behavior) (13) Miseria (MAX MAXIMIZER) (14) Air Reading Power (ADULTIC TEACHERS) (15) The 4th KAC DJ TOTTO's SELECTION (remixed by remixed by DJ TOTTO) (16) 折 -vajra- (DJ TOTTO VS 兎) (17) Ludus In Tenebris (Akhuta) (18) I, MA, SU, GU ALL RIGHT! (VENUS) (19) full power SPECIAL VACATION !!-Limited holiday-(DJ GW) (20) Eclipse Zero (tumaha B) [2] BE BEMANI MUSIC FOCUS ((1) ABSOLUTE (dj TAKA) (2) CHOCOLATE PHILOSOPHY (Yu Tokiwa) (3) LOGICAL DASH ( dj TAKA) (4) era (nostalmix) (TaQ) (5) DROP THE BOMB (Scotty D.) (6) AXIS (Senmoto Matsuhito) (7) fellows (dj TAKA feat. Sana) (8) MAD BLAST (THE INFECTION) (9) Large view (Des-ROW · group) (10) Funky sonic World (Des-ROW feat. SHIGE) (11) BE LOVIN (D-crew) (12) CURUS (D-crew) (13) GENOM SCREAMS (LEDLIGHT) (14) Presto (Osamu Kubota) (15) JET WORLD (Izumi Riku Okuhiko) (16) Go Beyond !! (Ryu ☆ Vs. Sota) (17) I 'M GONNA GET YOU! (Kelly Cosmo) (18) the keel (Akino) (19) LOVE IS ORANGE (Orange Lounge ) (20) Gamelan de Couple (TOMOSUKE) (21) Flash Back 90's (kors k as disconation) (22) White Eve (Sana) (23) HELL SCAPER (LEDLIGHT-G) (24) starmine (Ryu ☆) [3] BE BEMANI MUSIC FOCUS ((1) VOIDDD (Des-ROW feat. Kevin Vecchione) (2) TOMOSUKE feat. Asaki) (3) Pink Rose (Kiyommy + Seiya) (4) sync (OutPhase (OutPhase ()) TaQ / dj TAKA)) (5) Beyond The Earth (cat master) (6) COSMIC COWGIRL (Toshio Sakurai) (7) BOBBY SUE AND SKINNY JIM (Raj Ramayya) (8) Male road (Des-ROW · group ) (9) Spica (D. JW) (10) PULSE (319) (11) GRADIUSIC CYBER (TAKA) (12) Nova emocao (Berimbau '66) (13) Dancing Fever Robo (Daniel & eimy to Yoshikun) (14 ) JET W ORLD (Ryu ☆ Remix) (Izumi Riku Oku) (15) HELL SCAPER (kors k Remix) (LEDLIGHT-G) (16) Man's Road (otoko PHQ remix: PHQUASE) (Des-ROW · group)
Konami Music Label

CD audition comment]
The original soundtrack of Konami's music game. Includes over 60 full songs, including planned songs featuring artists familiar with "BEMANI". Enjoy a variety of tunes such as the 90's return of the brave euro, stable digital tunes, and gravel heavy tunes.

【CD new comment】
The second soundtrack of the game case "REFLEC BEAT groovin '!!" which started operation in June 2014. Includes songs newly recorded in this work and songs from the "BEMANI MUSIC FOCUS" project featuring "BEMANI" artists.