Neru feat. Kyoon Rin, Len Kagamine / world conquest [with special bonus]

※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.
Japanese title: アニメ系CD Neru feat.鏡音リン、鏡音レン / 世界征服[特典付]
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Item number: 120060898
Released date: 06 Mar 2013
Maker: Pony Canyon
Media: CD
アーティスト: Neru(ボカロP)
Performance: Neru
Performance: 鏡音リン
Performance: 鏡音レン

Product description ※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.

This product comes with the limited number of 「 charm, the world conquering strap 」 and the 「 original mouse pad 」.
* You cannot choose the type. Please be aware before purchasing.
[List of songs]
(1) Tokyo Teddy Bear (feat. Kyoonrin) (2) Lost One's Go (feat. Kyoonrin) (3) Abstract / Nonsense (feat. Kyoonrin) (4) Life-sustaining treatment (feat. Len Kagamine, Kyoonrin) (5) Goodbye, Rock'n'roll (feat. Len Kagamine) (6) Drowned in Sadness (feat. Len Kagamine) (7) オーヴァースレプト (feat. Kyoonrin, Len Kagamine) (8) 21 st Century Igsen Prefi (feat. Kyoonrin) (9) Want to be a gentle person (feat. Kyoonrin) (10) Re-education (feat. Kyoonrin, Len Kagamine) (11) Boys and Girls' Chameleon Simptom (feat. Kyoonrin) (12) Galata Parade (feat. Len Kagamine) (13) Xiao Theater (feat. Kyoonrin) (14) How to Conquer the World (feat. Kyoonrin, Len Kagamine)
Domestic Rock & Pop
[Special Information]
World Conquering Strap with Charm (Any of 2 Types) (First Time Only) / Original Mouse Pad (Random of 7 Types) (First Time Only)
[Number of Pieces]
1 piece
[Comments on CD Audition]
The first major work by the popular Bokaro P using Vocaloid, Kyoonrin and Ren. 「 Tokyo Teddy Bear 」 「 Re-education 」. It consists of representative songs and newly written songs, and the theme of all 12 songs "adolescence". In the emotional Rock Sound, you can enjoy melancholy feelings of joy, anger, sorrow and comfort during the multi-feeling period.
[Comment on new version of CD]
The major debut album of Neru, Bokaro P, which is popular for songs using Kyoon Rin and Len Kagamine. It contains his representative songs, 「 Tokyo Teddy Bear 」, rock tune 「 abstract nonsense 」 filled with a sense of etc.

Track list

  • 1. 東京テディベア
  • 2. ロストワンの号哭
  • 3. アブストラクト・ナンセンス
  • 4. 延命治療
  • 5. グッバイ,ロックンロール
  • 6. かなしみのなみにおぼれる
  • 7. オーヴァースレプト
  • 8. 21世紀イグゼンプリファイ
  • 9. 優しい人になりたい
  • 10. 再教育
  • 11. 少年少女カメレオンシンプトム
  • 12. ガラクタ・パレード
  • 13. 小生劇場
  • 14. ハウトゥー世界征服
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