Nyaruto! NARUTO, Come Here Sasuke Edition is Now on Sale!

Nyaruto! NARUTO trading figures, Come Here Sasuke Edition is released!
We will introduce the products right away, so please buy them!

Characters of NARUTO are now available in cute trading figures!

The popular characters of NARUTO are all transformed into cats. Will Konoha No Sato become a paradise for cats?!
The mascot figures come in a cute size of 30mm in length and a character sheet comes with each figure!

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Trading Figures All 8 types Set「Naruto Nyaruto! Come Here Sasuke-kun」
【Set Contents】
1.Naruto Uzumaki(Angry)
2.Sasuke Uchiha(Angry)
6.Rock Lee
7.Zabuza Momochi

【Product Details】
Accessories : Character Sheet
Size : Total Height approx 30 mm