The World's largest Trading card section was opened on 22 March (Fri) at the SURUGA-YA MAIN STORE SURUGA-YA Bldg!

On Friday 22 March, one of the world's largest Trading card spaces and SURUGA-YA's largest board game corner OPENED at the SURUGA-YA MAIN STORE SURUGA-YA Bldg in Shizuoka Prefecture! We'll bring you an early look at the opening, so check it out!

Great excitement for both adults and children! The 4th floor with more than 10 million items was a great success!

On 22 March (Fri), the 4th floor of the SURUGA-YA MAIN STORE SURUGA-YA Bldg, opened with a large collection of over 10 million items, including Trading cards, board games and various supplies!
Before we even opened, there was a queue of over 70 customers...!!
Thank you very much for coming early in the morning!

The highly popular★ world's largest Trading card space!

When the store opens, everyone quickly takes the escalator to the 4th floor to get to the items they are looking for.
The shop is packed with customers enjoying their purchases right away, as they ask " Can I get the item on display"☆

As it was spring break in Japan, it was noticeable that families with their children and children on their own were visiting our store.
There are so many cards to choose from, all the customers are browsing around... ♪

The special offers section was very busy!
Everybody was checking out the cards they are looking for, as if they were searching for a treasure...

The Premium section was full of rare cards!
Even though it was just after opening, quite a few items had already been purchased!画像9

During the interview, a customer showed us his prized collection. He said he has the largest collection in his school class..! He purchased three items today! Thank you very much!

Board games range from nostalgic classics to new releases♪

We have also expanded our board game sales floor to offer one of the largest selections in SURUGA-YA's history.
Our line-up is as good as that of a specialised shop!
New board games are on sale too, first come, first served!

Search for the cards you want with your tablet♪ You can check the condition of the cards in the shop!

You can also purchase stock from the online website SURUGA-YA.JP from your tablet in the shop!
This is a service that is attracting a lot of attention from overseas customers, who are happy to have this service for their limited stay in Japan.
We hope you find the card you are looking for♪


Rare Trading cards can also be checked in-store for card condition! Some customers immediately checked the actual condition of the cards carefully with a light box and examined whether they would like to buy them.

Note the cake vending machine & large duel space!

The duel space has an astonishing 188 seats and 47 tables!
In addition to drink and cake vending machines and a candy corner, the space is equipped with air purifiers and is spacious and comfortable.
Some customers immediately started playing in the duel space!
Please enjoy dueling to your heart's content!

What might you get ? Try the Trading card vending machines!

There are vending machines for ¥1,000, ¥2,000, ¥3,000 and ¥5,000 Trading cards! You might win a rare card that is hard to find! How about trying your luck?

The SURUGA-YA MAIN STORE SURUGA-YA Bldg is a great place for both shopping and playing.
Please visit us when you come to Japan!

★Check here for more information about SURUGA-YA MAIN STORE.
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★SURUGA-YA in Shizuoka

◆Store information
Address: 5-4 Denma-cho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Opening hours 10:00-22:00 (Buying service accepted until 21:00)