Cactuar Silicon ice tray "FINAL FANTASY" is now on sale!

Here comes the silicon ice tray of the popular monster from the "Final Fantasy" series, "Cactuar"!
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Fun for all, ice of popular character♪

The "Cactuar" is a popular monster from "Final Fantasy VI" with a familiar character design.
Here comes a silicon ice tray in the shape of the"Cactuar", which can be used to make ice cubes!
Please enjoy making ice cubes and floating them in your beverages!

★Now on sale! Click here to purchase!★
⇒"Cactuar" Silicon Ice Tray "Final Fantasy"

サボテンダー シリコンアイストレー 画像1

サボテンダー シリコンアイストレー 画像2

Size: approx. W110mm x D110mm x H20mm
Specifications: Heat resistance: 230°C / Cold resistance: -40°C


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