Today's Chara-tan♪ 9/3 is the birthday of "Zenitsu Agatsuma," from "Demon Slayer"

"Today's Chara-Tan" is a project in which we pick up a character who has a birthday today and introduce them.
We introduce the character whose birthday is today, September 3rd!

9/3 is the birthday of "Zenitsu Agatsuma," from "Demon Slayer"

Today, September 3rd, is the birthday of "Zenitsu Agatsuma" of Blade of Demon's Destruction.
Happy Birthday!
He is probably celebrating with Nezuko and the Demon Slayers right about now.

\Thunder Breathing First Form: Thunderclap and Flash /

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Character profile of Zenitsu Agatsuma, user of the Thunder Breathing.

Demon slayer of the same age as Tanjiro
Short blonde hair with layers.
Thick, droopy eyebrows that split into two at the end of the eyebrows.
He is abnormally negative and extremely timid.
He can switch his mind very quickly and become calm depending on the situation.
Typical womanizer with a weakness for beautiful women
Kind and good-natured at heart
He has an exceptionally keen sense of hearing.
Hobbies are playing Hanafuda (Japanese playing cards) and Sugoroku (a Japanese board game).
Likes sweet things and expensive things
Somehow he has a sparrow for his kasugai crow.

a coward, a womanizer, and a noisy, sloppy troublemaker.

Zenitsu has a negative and timid side. He is always acting suspiciously, crying and sniffling everywhere, making Tanjirou angry, and is even rebuked by an underage boy who looks down at him with blatant despise.
He often says "I'm going to die," , and even right after he had made it through the final selection, he repeatedly says gloomy quotes like, "Even if I survive here, I'm going to die in the end. On the next job!" "I'm dead ninety-nine percent Dead" and so on.
He is also a typical womanizer with a weakness for beautiful women. When he first meets  Nezuko, he falls in love with her at first sight, even though he knows she is a demon.
In the past, he has been cheated by a woman, left with her debts.

\Don't underestimate me, I'm weaker than you can imagine./


He is timid, but when he has to do something, he does it!

He is not just a timid, useless person, but also has a very gentle and straightforward side to him, as seen in the way he quickly shelters a child in an emergency situation in front of an demon and does not hesitate to tell the child to run away first, leaving himself unable to stand up.
He is basically crying and reluctant to go on missions, and even during medical treatment he is noisy, but as he completes each mission, he seems to be growing mentally and becoming more aware of his role as a member of the Demon slayer.

One of only five surviving elite Demon Slayer

At first glance, he does not look like a fighter, but his extraordinary talent was discovered by his instructor who was former "Hashira" and he has gone through a life-threatening selection process and painstaking training.
At the end of extreme tension and fear, he falls into a state of unconsciousness, where all fear and other disturbing emotions disappear and he is able to display his true fighting ability.
In this state, Zenitsu becomes a powerful swordsman who takes on demons with a different and resolute attitude and fights with a calm tactical analysis and a polished iaido technique that is like a flash of lightning.

he voice actor who plays Zenitsu Agatsuma is Hiro Shimono.

He has played the role of Sho Kurusu in "Uta no Prince Sama!" and Dabi in "My Hero Academia".


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