Celebrating the 55th anniversary of "Lupin the Third" manga series!

This year marks the 55th anniversary of the start of the manga series based on "Lupin the Third," who still steals the most outrageous things!
The anime series remains popular and continues to attract many fans.
Take a look back at the many works of "Lupin the Third," including the lively anime and the original manga, which has a different appeal from the anime to celebrate this occasion.

TV special series for Lupin the Third is entertaining!

Looking back at past TV animation works, the most memorable is "Burn, Zantetsuken! / Dragon of Doom" 1994, in which Gomon's stealth slash can be seen.
I remember that the popularity of "Lupin the Third" started to rise again around this time.
The TV rating for "Burn, Zantetsuken! / Dragon of Doom" was 24%, the highest ever for a Lupin special series!
And I still remember how disappointed I was when Yasuo Yamada, who voiced Lupin, made his last performance with this special.

【Movies / Television】Lupin the Third "Burn, Zantetsuken! / Dragon of Doom"

Lupin the Third as a Ghibli movie!? "The Castle of Cagliostro"

The movie "The Castle of Cagliostro" 1979 was the first film directed by Hayao Miyazaki.
This film work is full of highlights, from the dynamic action that was highly praised by the original author Monkey Punch to the ghibli anime-like dining scenes.
It is really surprising that it did not get any attention at all at the time of its release.
Was it around the time the aforementioned "Burn, Zantetsuken! / Dragon of Doom" was broadcast that it began to be recognized again?
At that time, ghibli anime had become immensely popular, people began to pay attention to "The Castle of Cagliostro" when they learned that Hayao Miyazaki had been involved in the production of it.
It is now a wonderful work that everyone has seen at least once, and it has come to be spoken of as one of the greatest animated works of all time.

【Movies / Television】Lupin the Third "The Castle of Cagliostro"

Original manga with a different setting from the anime

The characters in the original manga are set up differently from those in the anime and also have a slightly darker side.
If you want to get to know Lupin better, you should read the original manga as well.
The lesser-known spin-offs "Lupin Kozou/LupinⅢ Jr" and "Lupin VIII" are also a must-see.

【Comic】Lupin the Third

"Lupin the Third" is still a wonderful series that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.
Although all the voice actors for the main characters have now been replaced, the charm of the series has not changed, and many fans look forward to each new series.
What will be the next way to steal everyone's heart?
And if you're curious about some of the older productions, be sure to check 'em out!

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