Today's Chara-Tan♪ 8/8 is the birthday of "Tokitou Muichiro" from Demon Slayer

"Today's Chara-Tan" is a project in which we pick up a character who has a birthday today and introduce them to you.
Today, we will introduce the character whose birthday is on August 8th!

8/8 is the birthday of "Muichiro Tokitou" from Demon Slayer.

Today, 8/8, is the birthday of "Muichiro Tokitou" from Demon Slayer.
Happy Birthday!
He is probably celebrating with his friends in the Demon Slayer Corps and his older brother, Yuichiro.

\I'm sorry, but I don't have time for this nonsense./

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Character Profile of "Muichiro Tokitou" a user of the mist breathing.

A small boy with hair that reaches his waist.
He is one of the "Hashira", the top swordsman of the Demon Slayer Corps, and his title is "Mist Hashira".
His hair color is a gradation of black to blue at the ends of the hair.
His eyes are a pale blue with indistinct irises.
Despite his indistinctness, he is strong and has a thick-skinned personality.
Has amnesia for some reason in the past.
He forgets things easily as if there is a mist in his head.
Hobbies are paper cutting and origami.
Her favorite food is furofuki daikon(boiled radish).

The youngest boy genius among the Hashira

He is a prodigy swordsman who was promoted to the position of a Hashira within two months of holding a sword.
He is a genius, but he never misses training to make full use of his talent.
Despite his slender appearance, his body is trained to the utmost limit and toned to be worthy of the title of "Hashira".
Whether it is training or swordsmanship, he prefers to act efficiently and without waste with optimal movements, but his hidden potential is at the top level within the current Hashira.

\I was born to be happy./

The voice actor who plays Muichiro Tokitou is Kawanishi Kengo.

He has played the role of Mikazuki Augus in "Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans" and Rosho Tsutsujimori in "Hypnosis Mic", and has played characters in other popular works.

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