【SURUGA-YA Limited Edition】Laid-Back Camp△ Marshmallow Figure

The latest work from figure maker ”WANDERER”!
The characters from "Laid-Back Camp△" are now available as cute, fluffy, and soft marshmallow figures!
A special limited offer is also included for those who purchase the box at SURUGA-YA!
We'll be introducing the product right away, so please be sure to pre-order!

Scented! Mochi Fuwa texture♪ Attractive Laid-Back Camp△ marshmallow figure!

The lineup includes a total of five figures: Kakamigahara  Nadeshiko, Shima Rin ,Ogaki Chiaki,Inuyama Aoi, and Saito Ena.
You can display them on your desk! You can go camping with them!
These are must-have goods for fans who can look at them, touch them, and be at peace with them.

As a SURUGA-YA limited bonus, a "paper pedestal (5 types)" is included when you purchase the whole BOX of the product♪
Please pick one up for yourself☆

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Laid-Back Camp△ Marshmallow Figure


<Product Details>
Scheduled release date: Mid-August 2022
Type: 5 types in total
Kakamigahara Nadeshiko (peach scented)
Shima Rin (grape scented)
Ogaki Chiaki (Strawberry scented)
Inuyama Aoi (Muscat scented)
Saito Ena (Orange scented)
5 pieces per box, all 5 are collectable in one box.
Closed package specification.
Material: Polyurethane
Size (cm): approx. W5.5 x D8.5 x H5.0