PRINCESS MONONOKE's 25th Anniversary, Porco Rosso's 30th Anniversary

This year is the 30 th anniversary of director Hayao Miyazaki's masterpiece "Porco Rosso" and the 25 th anniversary of "PRINCESS MONONOKE". It is a very auspicious year for Ghibli fans!
If you saw these films as a child, you may have a different impression of them now that you are older, so why not take the time to watch them on DVD or Blu-ray?

Cool is like this. "Porco Rosso" 30 th Anniversary

Before the movie was released, everyone doubted whether it would be an interesting work because the main character was a pig.
And when they had finished, everyone would have thought, "This is what it looks cool."
I think that the adult human drama which is not flashy but heart-warming and the retro air battle scene by airplane will give a different impression as you get older.
The famous line "A pig who doesn’t fly is just an ordinary pig." I comes to my mind when When you start worrying about your belly fat.

Porco Rosso


Studio Ghibli's 25 th Anniversary of "PRINCESS MONONOKE," Renowned Masterpiece

CG was introduced for the first time in Studio Ghibli, and it became a topic of conversation, but CG was adopted only in a few places.
This work, which is mostly handwritten, has more than 140000 pictures, twice as many as the previous work!
When it was released, I felt like I saw the future of anime because of its overwhelming visual beauty and the world view that everyone is attracted to.
Shigesato Itoi's catchphrase "Live," which was adapted to the story, was also remembered.


If you haven't watched Ghibli animation for a long time, there may be new discoveries.
I recommend you to watch it again at this opportunity!
Please check out the 2 works that will bring back the excitement of those days.

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