Today's character Tan♪ 7/10 is the birthday of Code Geass "Suzaku Kururugi"

A project to pick up and introduce characters who are celebrating their birthday today, commonly known as "Today's Character Tan" ♪
Today 7/10 introduces birthday characters!

7/10 is the birthday of Code Geass "Suzaku Kururugi"

Today 7/10 is the birthday of Code Geass "Suzaku Kururugi".
I wonder if Lelouch & Nunnally is celebrating this time.

\I have to live! /

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Gentle, serious and natural portrait of  "Suzaku Kururugi" portrait

Holy Britannian Holy Britannian belonging to the Imperial Army
Characterized by short brown curly hair and green eyes
A close friend and rival of the main character Lelouch
A strong sense of responsibility, a gentle and serious personality
Friendly, easy to get rid of and clumsy
Very high maneuvering skills and physical strength, boasting amazing fighting ability
Japan's last Prime Minister, Genbu Kururugi's son
In daily life, sometimes there will be some "natural" behaviors that can't be understood and observed.
I like cats, but for some reason they tend to hate me

\ That Geass certainly received /

Takahiro Sakurai is the voice actor who plays Suzaku Kururugi.

He is a popular voice actor who plays many popular works such as Osomatsu Matsuno in "Osomatsu-san" and Giyu Tomioka in "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba".
He is active not only in voice actors but also in narration and radio.


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