Today's character TAN ♪ 6/30 is Sailor Moon "Serena Tsukino and "Rini"'s birthday

A project to introduce a character who has a birthday today, commonly known as "Today's Birthday Character"♪
Today is 6/30, so let's introduce you to the birthday characters!

June 30th is the birthday of Maiden Warrior "Serena Tsukino" and "Rini"!

Today 6/30 is the birthday of Maiden Warrior "Serena Tsukino" and "Rin".
Happy Birthday!
I'm sure my favourite Wei and the Maiden Warriors are celebrating together too.



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Character portrait of cheerful little child  "Serena Tsukino"

Becoming a Sailor Suit Girl Warrior "Sailor Moon"
Cheerful and naive personality
Clumsy, whiney and mischievous
Kind-hearted and tolerant of all people
Tardiness and sleeping in are commonplace
Hobby is eating, sleeping and playing games
In the last century, she was Princess Serenity of the Silver Millennium of the Moon Kingdom
Voice: Kino Mishi

\Punishment on behalf of the Moon♪/

I can't believe she's 900 years old! ? Portrait of a Rini


A selfish and cheeky little girl
Transformed into "Sailor Chibi Moon"
With a double ponytail and a French bread-like bun
Her looks and personality are very similar to her mother's and she has a strong sense of self-assertion.
Looks like a teenager, but is actually over 900 years old.
Only daughter of the new Queen Sinnedee and King Andimeo (the future Tsukinoha and Wei)
His real name is "Jiba Rabbit" and the princess's name is "Princess Little Lady of Sinnidia Rabbit".
In the 20th century, he was taken care of by the Tsukino family as a cousin of the Tsukino rabbits.
Dreams of growing up to be a lovely lady
Voice: Yoshie Araki

\ Good Mother A mother who can't be longed for /

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