Today's character Tan♪ 6/21 is the birthday of Magic Kaito "Kuroba Kaito"

A project to pick up and introduce characters who are celebrating their birthday today, commonly known as "Today's Character Tan" ♪
Today 6/21 introduces birthday characters!

6/21 is the birthday of Magic Kaito "Kuroba Kaito"

Today 6/21 is the birthday of Magic Kaito "Kaito Kuroba".
I wonder if my childhood friend Aoko is celebrating this time.

\lady, we will meet again  in the dim light of the moon./

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A portrait of Conan Edogawa's rival "Kaito Kuroba"

The main character of the anime "Magic Kaito"
17 years old of Ekoda High School second grader
It has the nickname of "Magical Wizard of the Moon" and is also known as "Phantom Thief Kid".
Standing in a white top hat and wearing a cloak, the monocle on the right eye is a trademark.
A genius magician who is a great phantom thief who can change his illusion
It has a high ability to imitate the voices of others and has advanced disguise technology.
A man of very good reasoning and insight
With an IQ of 400 and a very bright mind
A popular person with a cheerful personality that is loved by everyone regardless of gender
Naturally naughty, mischievous, like girls
He really hate fish, it's scary just looking at it

\The job of a phantom thief is to steal. Even if it's the human heart/

The voice actor who plays Kaito Kuroba (Kaito Kid) is Kappei Yamaguchi.

It plays the role of Shinichi Kudo, the true identity of Conan Edogawa, the anime name Detective Conan.
In addition, he has been active in many popular works such as the role of Inuyasha in "Inuyasha" and the role of Ranma Saotome (male) in "Ranma 1/2".
A veteran voice actor who has been active since 1988.

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