Nintendo Switch video game "TRIANGLE STRATEGY" is now on sale!

Nintendo Switch video game "TRIANGLE STRATEGY" is now available!
We will introduce the products right away, so please buy them!

Fusion of pixel art and 3DCG HD-2D is a completely new model of Tactix RPG!

This work has a profound story and battle drawn in HD-2D.
Let's enjoy this game!

The continent "Norzelia" where the three countries have continued the war over the interests of salt and iron.
This story is a heroic story of justice and belief that depicts the war in a certain country.
A profound story and a deep battle reminiscent of the tactics of yesteryear.
Set in the war-torn land of Norzelia, players are forced to make difficult decisions.
Where will your justice go?

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 Nintendo Switch video game TRIANGLE STRATEGY


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