Radio CD "Radicamp△ ~ Yurucamp:Laid-Back Camp△ INFORMATION RADIO~" Vol.3 is now on sale!

The 3rd volume of the radio CD "RAJI CANCEL - Laid-Back Camp△ Information Bureau -" is now on sale!
We will introduce the products right away, so please buy them!

With a cooking video DVD ♪ The third volume of the "Radicamp△"CD is now available!

Radicamp△ ~ Yurucamp:Laid-Back Camp△ INFORMATION RADIO~♪
In the newly recorded radio and video, I tried making camp dishes in a kitchen studio with Aki Toyosaki who played the role of Aoi Inuyama!
It comes with a cooking video DVD that makes fans happy.

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Radio CD "Rajican △ ~ Laid-Back Camp△ Information Bureau ~" Vol.3


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