Figure "Tony Tony Chopper One Piece Excellent Figure (Theatrical One Piece Version-Z)" , is now on sale!

In the P.O.P figure series "ONE PIECE Excellent Model", the theatrical version of ONE PIECE EDITION-Z "Tony Tony Chopper" appears!
We will introduce the products right away, so please buy them!

The movie version "ONE PIECE FILM: Z" is now available in the P.O.P series!

Tony Tony Chopper in brave combat suit is 3D!
Even the small parts such as a hat, a coat and a gun on the back are reproduced according to the image with high-quality molding and painting.
You can change the hat into 3 patterns.

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⇒ Tony Tony Chopper "ONE PIECE" Excellent Model Portrait. Of. Pirates ONE PIECE' EDITION-Z'

■ Size : Total height approx. 110 mm

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