"Lancer / Ereshkigal Model Original Servant Watch from SEIKO x Fate/Grand Order, is now on sale!

"Lancer / Ele Chouki Gal Model" from "SEIKO x Fate/Grand Order" original servant watch is now available!
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If you insist, do you want me to be your girl on the assumption that you're gonna die?

This watch has a design that reflects the solemn and gorgeous image of "Lady of the Underworld" Ele Chouki Gal.
The three dimensional index of "Babylonian number" produces a luxurious feeling.
Also, on the in-dial second hand, her chest decoration is casually laid out in the same color.
The long hand and the short hand use her treasure "Feverish Temple Lugal-Irra and Meslamta-ea," and the shining spear times out.

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Lancer / Ele Chouki Gal model original servant watch (with watch stand) from SEIKO x Fate/Grand Order


[Product details]
Size : [Dial] Diameter approx. 40 mm, [Band] Width approx. 20 mm
Model installed : SZER066
Movement : 7T92
Drive : Quartz System / Battery Life 3 Years
Waterproof : Reinforced waterproof for daily use (10 atm waterproof)
Accessories : Watch Stand, Dedicated Box

* Please note that we do not guarantee the existence of battery or remaining battery for second hand products.

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