Today's Character Birthday ♪ April 9 is the birthday of Yuichi Jin from World Trigger

This is a project to introduce manga and anime characters who is going to have his birthday today , commonly known as "Today's Character Birthday"♪
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April 9 is the birthday of Yuichi Jin from World Trigger

Today, April 9 is the birthday of Yuichi Jin from World Trigger
Is he having a celebration party with members of Tamakoma Branch now?

\That's what my Side Effect says./

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What kind of person is Yuichi Jin, a talented elite?

He belongs to the Tamakoma Branch.
He was an old member of the old Border.
He was also the owner of a black trigger, wind blade, which is said to have a particularly strong force among triggers.
(Instead of allowing Yuma to join the Border Division, they gave it up.)
He also has a Side Effect of "Foresight" that allows him to see the future a little beyond the human being in view.
He has the best fighting power in the border and calls himself "the elite of power".
He was always carefree, and he died in a haunted house.
He has a mature mature character, he is well-known and popular.
He loves Japanese "Bonchi" Rice Snack.

Yuichi Nakamura is the voice actor who plays "Yuichi Jin"

He plays many popular Character actors such as Satoru Gojo from "Jujutsu Kaisen" and Tetsuro Kuroo from"Haikyu!!"

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