"Humagear modular wireless headphones" Kamen Rider Zero One CD-BOX included product is now on sale!

"Humagear modular wireless headphones "included in Kamen Rider Zero One CD-BOX", now available!
We will introduce the products right away, so please buy them!

Bluetooth4.1 wireless headphones with a Humangear design♪

These headphones were included with the "Kamen Rider Zero One CD-BOX".
This is a "special humangear modular wireless headphone" with the motif of human-gear-like robot equipped with artificial intelligence that appears in the play.

※CD and other benefits are not included.

★Now on sale! Click here to purchase!★
[A la carte] Humagear modular wireless headphones "Kamen Rider Zero One CD-BOX" included


■ Size : Approx. 190 x 220 x 130 mm
■ Input voltage : 3.7 V
■ Wireless standard : Bluetooth4.1
■ Accessories : MicroUSB cable, stereo cable

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