Caster / Altria Caster Model Watch from SEIKO x Fate/Grand Order, now on sale!

"SEIKO x Fate/Grand Order" original servant watch "Caster / Altria Caster Model (with watch stand)" is now available!
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"SEIKO x Fate/Grand Order" Altria Caster Model

The image of a new magician running through Britain is reproduced on the clock.
The board, which has a combination of dark blue and gold and a red accent color, is finished with a design that is simple, refreshing, yet lovely and luxurious.
On the in-dial second hand and crown, the design on her hat has been put out.
The "Selection Staff" has been adopted for the center needle.

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Caster / Altria / Caster Model Original Servant Watch (with Watch Stand) "SEIKO x Fate/Grand Order"


■ Material : Band Material / Cow Leather / Push Type Triple Fold, Medium Length, Stainless Steel (Gold Plating), Case Material / Stainless Steel (Gold Plating), Glass Material / Hardrex, Back Lid / Stainless Steel (Dabo-Type)
■ Installed model : SZH022
■ Movement : 7T92
■ Waterproof : Reinforced waterproof for daily use (10 atm)
■ Accessories : Watch Stand

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