Musical "Hetalia ~ in the new world ~ " DVD, now on sale!

The DVD of "Hetalia ~ in the new world ~ " is now on sale!
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Also, until when the flowers bloom... "Hetalia" 2.5D musical is made into a video!

In July 2017, the musical "Hetalia in the new world", which was performed in Osaka at NHK Osaka Hall and Shea at THEATRE1010, has been made into a DVD!
It contains video of the performance and "Curtain Call", "Making", "Ad Lib" and "Symposium."
In addition, this is a 2-pack DVD packed with contents full of excitement from fans, including gorgeous video benefits such as "Panorama view ver. song collection" (3 songs) that can be viewed from the full view of the stage.

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Musical "Hetalia ~ in the new world ~ "


■ 2 Disk Set (Main Edition + Benefits)
■ Benefits : Booklet

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