ANIPLEX + limited lottery sales product Octavinelle Magical Pen Replica Fountain Pen from Disney Twisted-Wonderland, now on sale!

Now available is a genuine specification fountain pen "Magical Pen replica fountain pen".
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ANIPLEX + limited lottery sale item "Magical Pen replica fountain pen" is now available!

The magic item "Magical Pen", which can be said to be a sign of Night Raven College Dorm students, is faithfully reproduced.
The heavy "decoration" and the "weight" of the body make you feel history and tradition, while the "magic stone" shines and makes you feel transparent.
The magic stone reproduced by "cubic zirconia" shines beautifully depending on the level of light, and the "stone color" that differs from dormitory to dormitory reflects different intensity and brilliance.
"Made in Germany" F fine characters are used for the pen tip.
With a body length of approximately 139 mm, it is easy for both men and women to use and can be equipped with a converter or cartridge ink.
Like dormitory students, it is possible to put it in the breast pocket.
It is enclosed in a special box for each dormitory.

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Octavinelle Doryo Magical Pen Replica Fountain Pen "Disney: Twisted-Wonderland" ANIPLEX + limited lottery sale products


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