[Celebration / Birthday] January 21 / Voice actor & Singer Nana Mizuki

Today, January 21 is Nana Mizuki's birthday.
She turned 42 years old this year! Congratulations!
This is a popular voice actor who plays characters of many famous works including "NARUTO"!
She is also attracting attention as a singer not only for her voice acting but also for her overwhelming singing ability.
We would like to introduce Nana Mizuki's profile and her works!
Let's celebrate her birthday together♪(*´▽`*)

Nana Mizuki's profile

She was born in Ehime Prefecture on January 21, 1980. She is Aquarius and her blood type is O.
In 1998, he made his debut as a voice actor playing the character role of the game "NOëL ~ La neige ~".
She plays characters from popular works such as "Naruto", "Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha" and "Black Clover".
She made her debut as a singer in 2000, and her overwhelming singing ability has attracted anime and voice actor fans. She has gained tremendous support.
In 2009, she became the first voice actor to participate in the "The NHK Red and White Singing Contest", which was a big topic of conversation.

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Nana Mizuki's filmography

We will briefly introduce voice actor & Singer Nana Mizuki's main performance pieces!

[1] NARUTO [Hinata Hyuga]
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[2] Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha [Fate Testarossa]
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[3] WHITE ALBUM [Rina Ogata]
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[4] HeartCatch PreCure! [Tsubomi Hanasaki]
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She also appears in「Symphogear」「Fullmetal Alchemist」「SHAMAN KING」and「Tales of Symphonia
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