Today's Character Birthday ♪ January 11 is the birthday of Shoto Todoroki from My Hero Academia

This is a project to introduce Mr. Character who is going to have his birthday today , commonly known as "Today's Character Birthday".
We would like to introduce the character of today's birthday♪
Today, January 11 is the birthday of Shoto Todoroki from My Hero Academia!

January 11 is the birthday of Shoto Todoroki from My Hero Academia

Today, January 11 is the birthday of  Shoto Todoroki from My Hero Academia.
He is now celebrating with his friends in Class A!

"I'll be a hero....!!"



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What kind of person is Shoto Todoroki who unites ice and fire?

His appearance is marked by hair and eyes of different colors on the right and left
He is a genius with both calm and passion.
His "personality" freezes what he touches with his right hand, and blows out fire from his left. "Semi-cold semi-combustion"



Todoroki is a very handsome and good student.

He was recommended to enter Yuei High School, and he is one of the most powerful in both intelligence and physical strength.
He has a handsome face and is characterized by an asymmetrical figure with an odd-eye, gray hair on the right and red hair on the left.
Also, there are burn marks under the red hair and around the left eye.
His personality is cool and he rarely shows his feelings, but he has a strong passion for the No. 1 hero inside.
His father has the personality of "Flame", His mother of "Ice," and he is the only of the four brothers to have inherited the personality of his parents.

He may be hard to talk about, but he's a natural person.

If someone else says, "If someone handsome like Todoroki looks at me, I get nervous!", he replies, "Is your heart weak...?!"
If someone else says, "If you laugh, women are the best. If you say ☆」, he replies," If I laugh. will people die? "
For example, there are natural (?) places where you go around and give a wrong answer.


He will accept his father and the fire, and his strength will rise even higher!

In the past, he hated his father for his grudge against his mother and did not use the power of "personality" flames, but gradually changed as he became involved with his comrades.
He begins to use the power of fire, goes to see his mother in hospital, and tries to understand his father's heroism, which he has avoided until now.

Shoto Todoroki is played by the popular voice actor Yuki Kaji.

He plays Eren Yeager in "Attack on Titan" and Meliodas in "The Seven Deadly Sins."
He is active not only as a voice actor but also as a narrator and a singer.


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