[Video] Remote control toy "Flying Doraemon" from Doraemon, now on sale!

Doraemon flies in the sky with Takecopter!
The remote control toy "Flying Doraemon" from Doraemon, now on sale!
We will show you with a video, so please check it out and play at your home♪

Children's dream! Doraemon flies in your room!

I want to fly with a Takecopter!
Is it really possible to fly with takecopter?
The takecopter of Doraemon changes its impression depending on the age, and it is a representative item of Doraemon that everyone knows!

This time, Doraemon wearing a Takecopter is now available as a remote control toy that is realistically reproduced with ABS material.
The transmitter is also in Doraemon color! The round form that seems to be one of the "secret tools" will liven up the world view.
Ultra-stable flight with simple operation and advanced sensor.
With six different flight patterns, and especially a very fast forward function, it is possible to reproduce the relaxed movement in the air like a takecopter flying through the city during the work.

After playing, you can enjoy decorating your room with the "diorama style display" that comes with it.

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Remote control toy "Flying Doraemon" from Doraemon[TZ005]