Dreaming Egg from Detective Conan, all 6 kinds now on sale!

Stationary mini figure Dreaming Egg from Detective Conan , now available!
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The popular characters of "Detective Conan" have become mini figures with sleeping peacefully!

There are placed mini figures that encloses the sleeping posture of the characters in Conan in the case.
The antique style egg-shaped case has a design that is easy to decorate as an accessory case.
Please decorate your room with sleeping peacefully characters and enjoy your daily life with them♪

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Set of 6 Types "Detective Conan Dreaming Egg"
[Set Contents]
1. Conan Edogawa
2. Shinichi Kudo
3. Ai Haibara
4. Kaitou Kid
5. Amuro Tooru
6. Shuichi Akai